od €2,170

excluding flights

Price per person in double room, for a group of at least 15 people, including all services noted in the program (transfer, meals, accommodation, local guides, tour leader, tickets).
Insurance, entry visas, personal costs, and tips are not included.

A two-week trip through these three beautiful Balkan countries Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina will allow you to take a complete rest from busy city life. Firstly we will take you to the plains of Salaši where you will be hosted by rural households and have the opportunity to try local products: dried meat, bacon, cheeses, sweets, jams, homemade cakes; drinks: brandy made out of various fruits (plum, apple, quince, peach) as well as wine. Handmade knitted vests, socks, bags, and the scents of a real open-air pharmacy will ask you to find a place in your suitcase. Driving on local roads, visiting many rural households, archeological, cultural, and historical places, riding boats on the river, fishing, food making, horse riding, walking through amazing landscapes, and most importantly you will get to know the people from these parts known as amazing hosts.

DAY 1:

Dinner included – Welcoming the guests at the Belgrade Airport. Transfer to Novi Sad. Accommodation is at Salaš, a unique place located near Novi Sad. You will enjoy the local food and wine in an authentic atmosphere of Salaš and the accords of traditional music of Vojvodina’s plain. Salaš has been recognized for many years and is estimated by its distinguished cuisine and social life. Dinner, socializing, and music. Overnight.

DAY 2:

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner included – After breakfast, we continue towards Fruška Gora Mountain. Arrival in the small baroque town called Sremski Karlovci, famous for Montagnana’s violin, the violin of Catherine the Great. You will hear the story about her journey from Russia, Ukraine, Crimea to Novi Sad, about the best sorts of wine for which some say were even tasted by British Queen Victoria. A short walk through the town includes Patriarchate Court, Serbian Orthodox Cathedral, one of the finest examples of the architecture of the 18th-century, the oldest High School, famous Gymnasium, the Roman Catholic Church, the Fountain of the Four Lions. Museum of Beekeeping and Cellar Živanovic, one of the oldest wineries with cellars 400 years old. Tasting honey and wine, opportunity to try local wine Bermet that was served on the Titanic ship. The journey continues through the Ovcar-Kablar Gorge, known as “Mala Srpska Sveta Gora” (“Little Serbian Holy Mountain”), due to a large number of monasteries around. The Monastery of Saint Nicholas which wooden walls are situated right next to the Morava River. A tour of the Church of St. Nicholas, the Residence of prince Miloš Obrenovic, and a monastery souvenir shop. In the courtyard of the Monastery, you can make a wish and if you want it to come true, you need to go three times around the old pine tree. Arrival to the Rural Households for dinner. The household will serve a meal made from organic ingredients, produced on a family farm. In the silence of the natural ambiance and atmosphere with the magnificent view of the entire area, we will enjoy the flavors of the local food. Overnight.

DAY 3:

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner included – After breakfast, the road leads us to Arilje, the capital of raspberry cultivation, where we are going to visit the monument dedicated to raspberry as this area is the most famous for its cultivation. We plan to visit one medieval church St. Achillius Church built in the 13th century as the endowment of the Serbian Royal family Nemanjic, famous for frescoes where many of them won numerous awards, among them the most famous is Blue Angel. We go to the Milic village, where climate condition is like a gift from God for the plum cultivation and plum brandy, slivovitz, schnapps production. Tasting of Zlatna biserka, a brandy made of special selected plum varieties, by traditional method and technology, long-term storaged in the Biser cellar, and it’s well known „as it is older it is better“. In the same village, Household Savic will prepare a snack. You will have the opportunity to feel the hospitality and the kindness of the real Serbian host, where you can taste and buy local food. We will be introduced to the traditional manufacture of the national folk costumes, Ethno tex of family Savic who is making traditional folk costumes, bags, and souvenirs. Continuing to place Kosjeric and the famous Zaric distillery. Tasting of their well-known brandy starting with Queen, continuing with Honey brandy, Nostalgy brandy, Nirvana, etc, and the best sort of raspberry brandy Obsession. Accommodation. Dinner. Overnight.

DAY 4:

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner included – Transfer to village Zlakusa, famous for clay pottery production. Presentation of clay pottery production. There is an opportunity to participate in the workshop and learn how to make pottery. Visit of Potpece Cave, then, Terzic avlija, which represents an ancient village household, made of two authentic Serbian houses more than a hundred years old. One of them was in a use for everyday family life, and another was a guest house. Tour of the Etno house Belino sokace. Lunch in Ethno house – local traditional offer. Free time for socializing until the planned departure to the accommodation. Overnight.

DAY 5:

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner included – After our interesting journey through Serbia, we move to Bosnia and Herzegovina. The first stop is Višegrad. We will visit the old bridge on the Drina river, the heritage of Mehmed Paša Sokolovic, a great vizier, who served three Sultans. The story about the bridge, that resists time and people, described in the famous book „The Bridge on the Drina “ by Ivo Andric the Nobel laureate. A visit to the Museum, the classroom where Ivo Andric went to school. Lunch. We continue our ride to Žepa. Accommodation. Dinner. Night fishing on the Drina river under the lights. Overnight.

DAY 6:

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner included – Drive to rural Household Bektic, the horse farm. Sightseeing, horseback riding. Traditional music by the host Mr. Bektic with the accords of saz/šargija. Visiting the Association Sara Srebrenica, where hard-working women from this area will present their products: unique crocheted jewelry, kilims/rugs made traditionally, knitted clothes made of natural wool, fruit and vegetable products, from organic farms, herbal tea, forest fruits. Accommodation. Dinner. Night fishing on the Drina river under the lights.

DAY 7:

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner included – Departure to Žepa, visiting the Bridge on Žepa river that was built in the 16th century during the Ottoman period, and the Spring of Žepa river. Arrival at the Lake Perucac. Boating. Short breaks by waterfalls Kamenski potok, Brusnaci and Grdolj. Swimming if weather conditions are suitable. Accommodation. Dinner. Campfire and relaxation with the accords of sevdalinka, traditional music.

DAY 8:

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner included – Breakfast. Arrival at the National Park Drina. Off-road tour. The tour followed by hiking guides starts on the marked paths, with short breaks in cultural and historical places like the necropolis of tombstones known as stecci, Monastery Karmo, a mosque in the village Osat. Lunch in the countryside prepared by a kind and friendly host.

DAY 9:

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner included – Departure to Skelani. The Museum of Archaeology, the tour of the Roman municipality. Visiting the herb-production place. Lunch made by local women of this area. Tour through the small distillery, household, where we get the chance to try the best rakija Viljamovka – William pear brandy. Accommodation. Dinner. Workshop: presentation on how to make Bosnian pie. Overnight.

DAY 10:

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner included – Drive to the village Zilcina. Household stan-in, followed by different activities: walking in nature, horseback riding, beach volleyball, swimming in the fresh and clean Rakitnica River. Lunch. Leisure time. Making dinner. Overnight

DAY 11:

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner included – A journey to Žabljak over Trse. Lunch in the National restaurant Milogora, with traditional food of this area. Continuing to Žabljak with some photo stops. Panoramic route of the famous „Durmitor ring“ with sceneries and attractions. Arrival and accommodation. After check-in, free time before dinner. Dinner at the Household that produces crops, vegetables, and dairy products. Overnight.

DAY 12:

Breakfast, Lunch included – Departure to Crno jezero – Black Lake, walking tour. Continuing our journey to Pljevlja, a photo shooting stop at Tara Bridge in Ðurdevic. The Bridge that was built in 1938, has been demolished during World War II. Enjoy the stunning views over the deepest canyon in Europe, 1300 meters deep. Arrival in Pljevlja, visiting the Husein Pasha’s Mosque. After lunch, the private Museum Ruža where you can try different products made of famous Pljevlje fragrant rose, by Ismeta Džakic. Where she will share her own experience. Continuing towards Bijelo Polje. Break and an easy walk over meanders of Cehotina, the secret treasure of this area and breathtaking sight. Visiting the Household Pešic, specialized in the particular cheese production of the Kolašin, Mojkovca, and Bijelo Polje region. Cheese tasting and socializing. Arriving in the Bijelo Polje late in the afternoon, accommodation. Leisure time. Overnight.

DAY 13:

Breakfast, Lunch included – Drive to Bistrica, 6 km light walking tour. The path starts from the village and leads along with the Bistrica River flowing to the Monastery St Nicolas in Podvrh, built in the 17th century. Along the way, there are many places to rest and enjoy the view of river rapids and the entire canyon. Lunch is a picnic in the Monastery surroundings. The Church visit. Departure to the Bistrica and visit of the Household Balšic that produces schnapps made from apple, pear and plum. Feel free to try. On the way back we are going to see an old bridge built in the 17th century. Leisure time. Overnight.

DAY 14:

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner included – Transfer to the Mountain Lodge Cmiljaca placed up to 1600m above sea level. From the mountain lodge, you can continue the tour by walking, bike riding, or horseback riding. Lunch in the traditional cottages called katuns, including local food products (cheese, homemade bread, kajmak/cream…) Departure in the afternoon. Leisure time. Dinner in the Household, music. Overnight.

DAY 15:

Breakfast. Departure to the Airport

W’ve screened this  holiday so that you can travel knowing it will help support the places and people that you visit, and the planet. Read how below.



Upon arrival at the Belgrade airport, as a welcoming gesture passengers will receive canvas bags and reusable water bottles since the tap water from all these countries (Serbia, Bosnia, and Montenegro) is drinkable. So we will kindly ask them to not use plastic bottles and bags in order to protect the environment. During our trip, mostly, we will visit rural areas and natural resources, less-known travel destinations, so we will spend most of our time outdoors passing through the amazing wilderness. Therefore, we will suggest to our visitors to adjust so, our tour leaves a minimal trace on these areas, either by off-road vehicles or on foot depending on marked trails. Also, our tour leader will regularly inform visitors about the cultural and political sensitivity of the particular areas to respect and protect what makes these areas unique. We do not print brochures, our guests will receive all the necessary information in an online format in advance, and the tour leader will regularly remind them about it when visiting a certain location.


Next to the tour leader (a person from our agency that will be at your service throughout the trip), we will also have professional local guides for the city tour, mountain guides, and skippers. For accommodation, we chose local places, from Salaš 137, a typical place for one part of Serbia to smaller private motels such as Motel Braca Cesko in BiH. To support the local community we have found accommodation in local areas with rural household Ivanicki konaci Serbia, sleepover Carobni breg Serbia and visiting households Bektic in BiH. The food that will be served to our guests is grown and produced in these areas so the guests will have the opportunity to try different cuisine that is characteristic of these local communities such as rural household Savic Serbia, Ethno house Belino sokace Serbia, rural household Brkic BiH, Women association of Srebrenica BiH, Ethno village Milogošce Serbia, rural household Ðalovic Montenegro. Also, the drinks offered for tasting and sale are locally made. Brandy and wine from the distillery Zeric Serbia and the rural household of Viljamovka BiH. Visitors will have the opportunity to engage with locals during the workshops, cooking, fishing as well as by visiting cultural and historical facilities whose tickets will be provided. Besides food, as a way of connecting with locals, we like to learn local songs. The tour guide will make sure to inform the visitors about living conditions, the educational system, the role and status of women in society, and when is a good time to take photos.